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a new Beginning ! :)

hey guys, i’m just back from the muhurtam of my latest film with surender reddy and pedananagaru (sravanthi ravi kishore)……everything went on great….
this film is very close to me coz my brother P.Krishna Chaiatanya (annaya whos a pilot) is presenting this film…yes guys! hes also one of the producers of this film so all u [...]

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Ugadi subhakankshalu!

munduga andaraki ugadi panduga subhakankshalu
hope this year is more peaceful and exciting as ever for all of us..
well comin to RRKK, im back to hyd n am done with my patch work shoot and we are planning to finish the last two songs by the end of this month (hopefully) …and then we [...]

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hey people…im terribly sry to inform u all that our website was just hacked by some jobless idiot (s) !…well they didnt do anything to the website but just deleted my blog…neways, luckily our guys acted fast n tried to retrive as much data as possible….but unfortunately a few entries were permanently¬†¬†deleted ! its sad [...]

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short stop in hyd.

hey guys ! i got back from Mumbai a couple of days ago n as excited as i was to cme back to Hyd, i had to leave for Chennai on some personal work……dying to come back to Hyd !!….n it’s really sad that things have turned out so ugly in AP. I wouldnt want [...]

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happy to be alive.

Hey guys ! i am glad i’m still here to fill in my blog today..coz i really thought i wouldnt….
Yesterday we were shooting near this hotel trident, which was attacked on 26/11 last year, for an action sequence wherein i’m driving a black SUV with bullet holes all over n broken glasses and doors while [...]

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hey guys ! me just done shooting for the day.. back to my hotel room…n guess what i saw on my way back ?…..posters of my previous film MASKA dubbed in hindi all over the city….its called ” PHOOL AUR KANTE “……LOL…man !! it was so weird and different to see [...]

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hey guys ! i just landed in mumbai this morning…..and guess who i bumped into….mr. YVS chowdary garu……man !! what a surprise ! We were discussing about his upcoming release “Saleem” n was telling him how much I like the song ‘kalthi’ in his film..I am sure he’s done a fabulous job [...]

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back to work.

hey guys.. just started shooting in Hyderabad again ! its been quite a while since my last shoot here so it feels really great to get back to shooting in hyd….felt kinda home sick with all the travelling !! By the way, i was called as a guest to the [...]

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hey guys .. i’m finally back in Hyd.. came in yesterday evening. Managed to finish the title song of my current film “Rama Rama Krishna Krishna” …..feels good to be back home after a hectic 30-day schedule…..will keep you guys posted. !! have fun !!
P.S : I could not [...]

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whoa !

Whoa ! i didnt expect so many comments for my first entry itself……thanks guys. !
But please fill up the comment form at the end of the entry if you want your comment to be published and not on the ‘contact me’ page as they will not be published here. I’ve received [...]

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